Parents can make a lunch date with their children next week - at school.

As part of National School Lunch Week, parents can eat with their children at some schools between Oct. 10-12. There is no school on Thursday and Friday because of the annual Utah Education Association convention.Judy Grint, Murray School District supervisor of child-nutrition programs, said school lunch provides students a hot, nutritious meal that provides at least one-third of their daily nutritional requirements.

"School lunch program have changed over the past few years. At the secondary level, students get a choice of a main-line lunch menu, three or four different sandwiches, a salad bar and such teenage favorites as burritos and pizza. We hope parents will encourage their students to eat at school instead of crossing busy intersections or driving quickly to fast-food places," Grint said.

Three official menus to be served that week will be eaten in school lunch programs across the nation. They were developed by the American School Lunch Food Service Association to be low in fat, sodium and calories.

In the Murray District, the cost is $1.55 per adult. Reservations must be made a day in advance by calling the school.

Salt Lake School District has no formal plans to invite parents next week, but they are welcome to eat lunch with their children any time throughout the year by calling the school for a reservation.

However, the Salt Lake district has invited the school district staff, school board members and legislators to eat school lunch at Highland High, Highland Park Elementary or West High on one of the three days.

Jordan District schools have been encouraged by district food services to invite parents, government leaders and others to lunch during the week, but no particular day has been designated. Adults pay $1.50 for lunches.

Granite District also is observing the week on a school-by-school basis. Parents and others will be invited to join students for lunch at a $1.35 fee.