The transportation funding bill just adopted by Congress and signed by President Reagan should help improve airports in Ogden and Salt Lake City, buy land for a Salt Lake County light-rail system and help continue air service to Moab and St. George.

Sen. Jake Garn, R-Utah, said the 1989 Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations bill provides priority funding consideration for new instrument-landing systems at the Ogden Municipal Airport and the Salt Lake International Airport.The Salt Lake airport received $2.5 million last year to purchase such a system - which helps provide precision airplane landings under severe weather conditions.

This year's appropriations will provide additional funds for its operation and maintenance, Garn said.

The bill also has Ogden on a priority list that may apply for a portion of $20 million for such new systems.

Congress also appropriated $5 million to help continue the proposed Salt Lake County light-rail system.

The new appropriations bill also includes close to $1 million for the continuation of air services by Alpine Aviation to Moab and Skywest Airlines in St. George.