The assistant director of Davis County Animal Control came back off administrative leave Monday to be named acting director in the wake of the resignation of Glenn Taylor.

Davis County Commissioner Harold Tippetts, who asked for Taylor's resignation April 1, confirmed that assistant director DeAnn Hess was named acting director to replace Taylor.The commissioner said the county has no immediate plans to advertise for or interview candiates for the director's position, and it could be several months before it is filled.

Taylor resigned April 1 and Hess was asked to take an administrative leave while the commissioners looked into employee morale and management problems at the animal control facility.

Tippetts said at the time he believed it was best to ask the facility's two top managers to step aside so he could conduct an investigation and the employees would feel more free to discuss their problems.

He also said an audit of the animal control department is under way and, although a final report has not been written yet, it appears there are no finacial problems with the facility.

Taylor took over as interim and then full-time director of the animal control department in 1983 after a citizen's group asked for an investigation of financial irregularities, theft and animal abuse by former employees.

One employee left the department and two were demoted based on the investigation done by the Davis County Sheriff's Department.