Valley View Elementary School's students marched into the gymnasium to the official Olympic Anthem for a reason. The children put on a gold-medal performance when they raised funds for their school in a recent Fun Run.

The be-medaled red-white-and-blue ribbons that many of the children sported at Friday's assembly recognized 7,530 laps (1,882.5 miles) the kids ran Sept. 22 in the period from 3:15 to 8 p.m. The pledges they gathered, along with a dinner and the sale of dinosaur-decorated T-shirts, raised more than $5,000 for the school.There were some standouts - like Erin Shaw, who ran 107 laps. That's 26.75 miles - a marathon distance. When Erin accepted her special award Friday, Laurie Cutler, Valley View PTA president, noted the fact and commented that Valley View could have a genuine Olympian in the making.

Teacher Karol Kinney didn't make it quite as far, but was honored for the greatest number of teacher circuits of the track with 70 laps (17.5 miles). Her class also lapped up the most laps at 1,532 - 56 per student.

The leading runners in each class were honored. Ribbons also went to all those who met the criteria set for each class level from kindergarten through sixth grade.

Principal Linda Davis applauded the effort, which was sponsored by the PTA, led by Cutler and event chairwoman Debbee Back. Others involved were Peggy Rinehart, Kris Leishman and Paula Sant.