Seven new cases of AIDS were reported in Utah during August and September, bringing the total to 148 since 1981, according to the Utah Department of Health.

State epidemiologist Craig R. Nichols said that as of Sept. 30, 94 of those afflicted with the disorder had died.Nationally, the number of AIDS cases rose to 73,394 as of Sept. 19 - up from 69,085 reported in August. In all, 41,393 people have died from AIDS in the United States.

The deadly disease is spread primarily through sexual contact, with the majority of cases involving homosexual and bisexual males.

Nationally, 63 percent of AIDS victims are homosexual or bisexual males. Another 7 percent fall in the homosexual male-intravenous drug abuser category.

Drug abusers using IVs but without homosexual orientation account for 19 percent nationally and 20 percent of state AIDS cases.

In Utah, homosexual-bisexual patients account for 64 percent of the caseload, while the homosexual-IV drug abuser category has 6 percent.

The remainder includes cases where AIDS was transmitted through the use of blood products. There have been four cases of AIDS involving children in Utah. All have died.