The Salt Lake City Council and the city Planning Commission will hold a joint hearing Tuesday to hear public comment on a draft master plan outlining goals for developing the downtown area.

"The mayor, the Planning Commission, the City Council and a variety of community groups have been working for some time to develop shared vision for Salt Lake City," Council Chairman Tom Godfrey said."This first phase of the downtown master plan is designed to lay the groundwork for such a vision," he said.

The plan addresses issues ranging from developing community consensus for supporting the plan to attracting people downtown and turning it into a 24-hour place, not only for business people, but for those seeking entertainment.

The plan calls downtown Salt Lake City the "central place" for the Wasatch Front that affects not only Utah's capital city but the rest of the state and beyond.

"Its successes affect the quality of life of persons living in seven states and up to 500 miles from its core. In short, downtown Salt Lake maintains its prominence as the premier vitality center of the Intermountain West,' the plan said.

The Planning Commission spearheaded the plan and included material from other projects, including the Salt Lake City Tomorrow plan completed in 1987 and the Regional/ Urban Design Assistance Team study done in June.

"We all see a significant need for long-range planning which incorporates the work that has been previously completed and involves all segments of the community,' City Planning Director Allen Johnson said.

The hearing will be at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council chambers on the third floor of City Hall, 324 S. State St.

Copies of the draft plan are available for public review at the Salt Lake Planning and Zoning Division office in Room 200 and the city's Community Affairs office in Room 116 at City Hall. Copies are also available at the Salt Lake City Library Business and Science Desk, 209 E. Fifth South.