The Salt Lake Community Action Program has announced a new fair-housing initiative designed to publicize federal fair-housing laws and to document incidents of housing discrimination and related real estate issues. The action follows the defeat of the Utah Fair Housing Act in the 1988 legislative session earlier this year.

Utah is one of five states with no fair-housing legislation.In conjunction with the Community Housing Resource Board, CAP has created a Fair Housing Advocate Program, to be housed in the administrative headquarters at 764 S. Second West. Operating on a grant from the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, the program has established a housing-discrimination hotline and will develop public service announcements, conduct workshops and will lobby the Legislature to enact a fair-housing law that, at a minimum, conforms to federal legislation.

Housing-discrimination complaints must be forwarded to the HUD Region 8 office in Denver for investigation, but an amendment pending in Congress would establish a system of administrative law judges with powers to hold full-scale investigations, hold hearings and act to remedy a problem.

With the establishment of the housing-discrimination hotline, the CAP anticipates a significant improvement in the current system by conducting preliminary investigations of complaints and assisting real estate agents and mortgage lenders.