Actors Jack Klugman, Burgess Meredith and Buddy Ebsen, who appeared in episodes of the "The Twilight Zone," gathered on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Thursday evening as a star was unveiled in memory of Rod Serling, the talented creator and host of the long-lived series.

"He was a pioneer," said Klugman at the special twilight ceremony to unveil the walk's 1,878th star on Hollywood Boulevard across the street from Mann's Chinese Theater.

"He brought dignity and substance to a medium that was looking for form. Any actor loved to roll Rod's words around in his mouth. They were clean, lean and seemed to fit," Klugman said.

Serling's widow Carol said,"He cared deeply about television," she said. "He hoped it would become a legitimate art form in its own right.

Actor Earl Holliman, who appeared in the pilot episode, reminisced about the day Serling offered him the part. "I thought it was going to be 20 guys and a robot, but I saw the script and was stunned," he said. "It was written for one guy, me, and it was brilliant."

"There is nobody I would rather praise than that man," said Meredith.