A Sunset video store has voluntarily pulled certain movies from its shelves in response to patrons' complaints that the tapes' covers are obscene, city officials say.

Billboard Video's action came after the City Council received complaints that the tape jackets were too sexually explicit, Acting Mayor Jim Bridges said.About four or five of the tape covers, depicting women holding other women's breasts, might violate city laws, said City Attorney Steve Bailey.

But Bridges said he had been in the store Monday night, and employees there had "taken all the bad ones out."

At its Tuesday night meeting, the council unanimously adopted the state code defining "indecent public displays" and listing the misdemeanor fine and jail-time penalties for violations.

Under the law, illegal displays are described as tapes, movies, still pictures, books and pamphlets featuring nude people that arouse desire and are shown in places frequented by minors.

The code is the same one requiring shop owners to keep nude magazines under the counter, Bailey said.

The law allows video shop owners the options of putting nude-cover films behind a partition, putting on another cover or advertising such films in a book, he said.

Councilwoman Joyce Browning said Billboard should be commended for working with the city.