Calling Norm Bangerter a "do nothing" governor when it comes to outdoor and wildlife issues, representatives of every corner of Utah's sportsman and conservation community officially offered their endorsements to gubernatorial candidate Ted Wilson and Congressman Wayne Owens.

In unprecedented unity between the various groups, ranging from the Sierra Club to the legislative arm of the National Rifle Association, several leaders met Tuesday to announce their stand.Doug Day, chairman of the Utah Wildlife Leadership Coalition, which represents 47 different hunting groups around the state, said he was involved in helping the Bangerter administration get started four years ago.

"And I had great hope for wildlife and habitat, but it didn't happen. We see little caring on the part of the administration to the things we feel strongly about. They've been pushed in the background. We find that the wildlife administration of this state has almost become invisible. They don't speak for wildlife. We need someone who cares," he said.

David Buhler, campaign manger for Bangerter, said that the governor is interested in wildlife and is, in fact, a sportsman. "He's taking a day and a half off to go deer hunting."

He added that the main criticism of Bangerter is that he is too pro-development. "He has been fair with them, but he looks at all sides of an issue," he said.