Beaver County Attorney Leo Kanell prepared criminal complaints Thursday against two men arrested in connection with the death of a Kentucky man gunned down Monday night at a rest stop on I-15.

Eric Sims, 21, Chicago, Ill., and Timothy Miller, 24, Le Roy, N.Y., are being held for investigation of criminal homicide.Kanell said Thursday he has prepared and signed a complaint that would charge Sims with first-degree murder and Miller with second-degree murder. The complaint still must be signed by a judge. The local circuit judge, however, was in Provo, and the justice of the peace was in the hills elk hunting, Kanell said.

"I think I'll send the police up there to find (the justice of the peace)," Kanell said.

Sims and Miller were booked into the Beaver County Jail Tuesday following the murder of James G. Bray, 53, a truck driver from Asher, Ky.

Bray was shot in the head about 8:15 p.m. Monday with what appeared to have been a 9mm gun, said Beaver County Sheriff Ken Yardley. The crime occurred in the restroom of the Pine Creek rest area, about 18 miles north of Beaver.

A bulletin was issued to police in surrounding counties. Miller and Sims were arrested as they left a cafe in Salina, Sevier County, about 11 p.m. Monday. Salina police and county deputy sheriffs recovered a 9mm handgun from Sims, Yardley said.

Police also recovered a 1988 Mustang stolen in California, the sheriff said.

Though nothing appeared to have been taken from Bray, Yardley believes the truck driver was killed during a robbery attempt.