Two years ago Paula Noorda, 12100 S. 2240 West, conducted a mock funeral when her husband, Dan, turned 40. Now she's getting hers. "I've been had," she said of the neighborhood shenanigans that prefaced her 40th birthday Tuesday. First her husband had a 10-foot-wide banner made announcing her birthday that stands high enough over the family's driveway they can drive a camper under it. "It's been there since June," said the mother of four children. She even got an official visit from a member of the Riverton City Council. Then the neighborhood took her to dinner Monday. The gifts included a bouquet of dead flowers, black balloons, denture adhesive, wrinkle cream and prune juice. Then they brought out a male stripper - just in case Paula's circulation after 40 years is a little low. "He wasn't from the neighborhood."