Old and young alike are enjoying a new recreational woodworking shop at the Utah Community Center for the Deaf, 388 N. Fourth East, Bountiful, recently established through the help of the Bountiful Lions Club.

The Lions, under the direction of the club's First Vice President J. Wayne King, chairman of the workshop project, learned recently that the center had few if any recreational facilities for the more than 500 deaf people who use the facility. They decided to help furnish a woodworking shop.The Lions are donating up to $1,000 worth of woodworking equipment and supplies to furnish the shop, located in a well-lighted basement room at the Center for the Deaf.

The workshop is being managed by the Deaf Senior Citizens at the center, but any deaf person can use the facility and make a variety of small wood projects. Skilled instructors will be in the workshop whenever it is open to supervise the activities, ensure the safety of anyone using the workshop and to help deaf people learn how to use the various tools available.

The Bountiful Lions have furnished the shop with cabinets and workbenches, a radial arm saw, jigsaw, band saw, grinder, router, belt sander, power planer, hand scroll saw and other machines and tools.

Wood and additional power tools, including a power jointer and hand drills, and small hand tools, such as hammers and saws, screwdrivers, chisels and other tools, are still needed. People in the community who would like to donate such items to the workshop are invited to call the center at 295-7242.

Among the items the deaf plan to make in the wood shop are magazine racks, lamps, clocks, dolls, chairs, small tables, cupboards, book cases and doll houses.

Some of these items will be available for sale at an Old Fashioned Bazaar planned at the center from 2 to 9 p.m. Oct. 15. In addition, the bazaar will sell quilts, bedspreads, many handmade items, dolls and a variety of food, including chili, hot dogs, hamburgers, candy, cookies, bread and many other kinds of baked goods.

Part of the proceeds from the bazaar will be used by the Deaf Senior Citizens to purchase items for their new wood shop.

King said his club is gratified to help the deaf. "It is exciting to see how happy the workshop has made the deaf at the center. It is giving many of them something to do with their hands and is providing an outlet for their creativity."

King said the Bountiful Lions Club is also planning to donate a ceramic kiln to the center so it can set up a ceramics hobby shop there. He said the hobby area will need ceramic molds and other items to help the deaf work with ceramics and he urged Bountiful area residents to contact the Center for the Deaf if they can help provide anything, including money, to build a ceramics hobby shop.