Five nuns remained barricaded Friday in their monastery, fighting a church relocation order prompted by their objection to the introduction of such modern amenities as television and music systems.

Fearing they would be evicted from the monastery because their conservative views clashed with the new wave of liberalization, four nuns locked themselves in the infirmary of the Monastery of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel on Tuesday. A fifth nun joined them Wednesday.The nuns are members of the Order of Discalced Carmelites. They say the first intrusion began just over a year ago when a new prioress brought in a television set.

Other trappings of the outside world slowly found their way behind the white walls of the monastery: music systems, sweets and a modern lighting system in the chapel.

"It just became a gradual breakdown (of traditions)," said Sister John of the Cross.

"These sisters are keeping a vigil, they are not protesting," Doreen Er-colano, the sibling of one of the nuns, Sister Maria, said Thursday.

Sister Eliane, who has been at the monastery the longest time among the 13 nuns, said the dispute is a "conservative-liberal issue."

"They do not agree with some changes made here," she said. "They are scared to death."