Following nearly four months of deliberations, 4th Circuit Judge Roger Bean ruled against a new trial for Steven R. Chindgren and James Hatchett on charges they used a falcon to illegally hunt waterfowl.

Chindgren, the senior keeper at Salt Lake City's Tracy Aviary, and Hatchett were convicted June 22, 1987, on the misdemeanor charge. Last Nov. 30, they asked Bean to hold a second trial, claiming they were convicted illegally.But Bean rejected the claim and denied the new trial motion, court officials said Tuesday.

Chindgren, 36, and Hatchett, 34, both of Centerville, claimed they were training a 6-month-old, captive-bred peregrine falcon at a farm west of Layton when the bird attacked and killed a mallard duck. The men said they were not hunting with the bird, just trying to train it.

Hatchett was fined $400 and Chindgren $200. Both were given six-month suspended jail sentences.