A judge awarded $100,000 Friday to the national chairman of the Jewish Defense League, who sued the head of the a neo-Nazi party for saying the JDL leader had AIDS.

Superior Court Judge Joseph Kalin awarded JDL Chairman Irv Rubin $10,000 in actual damages and $90,000 in punitive damages.Following a short hearing in which Rubin and Stanley Witek, head of the Nazi National Socialist American Workers Party, recounted the November 1987 incident that led to the suit, Kalin ruled that Witek libeled Rubin when he asserted before several television crews the JDL leader suffered from AIDS.

Witek asserted that the viewers of the news broadcasts "could see the AIDS sores in his (Rubin's) face."

Witek made his statements when the two men, surrounded by reporters and television cameramen, met in a hallway at the Holiday Inn in Glendale, where neo-Nazis from across the country were holding a conference. Three local TV stations showed the confrontation in news broadcasts.

"Mr. Witek is clinically insane," Rubin said after the decision. "He tried to defame me that night. I decided to test the legal system and took the matter to court. I'm tremendously satisfied with the decision."