A hearing on a petition for genetic testing to determine the parenthood of a 10-year-old girl who a Pennslyvania couple contends was switched with their child shortly after birth was delayed Friday when the judge gave the father's attorney 15 days to prepare his case.

Circuit Judge Andrew Owens Jr. ruled after hearing arguments during a telephone conference call with attorneys. He set another hearing for Oct. 25.Sarasota family lawyer Arthur Ginsburg told Owens he believes he can prove his client is the natural father of the girl, who has not been identified, without having to put her through the emotional strain of a blood test. The child does not know she is involved in a paternity controversy.

The petition was filed on behalf of a Pennsylvania couple who contend their child was switched with another newborn baby in a hospital nursery 10 years ago. The child they thought was theirs died of heart disease but not before they said genetic tests proved they were not the biological parents.