A married couple told police they beat Gerald B. Thomas to death with a claw hammer after fighting with him over a game of Monopoly.

Jerry Lee Robertson, 26, and Cassie J. Robertson, 20, were each charged Friday with murder, a first-degree felony, and theft from a person, a second-degree felony, in connection with Thomas' death last month.A former girlfriend found Thomas' bludgeoned body wrapped in a bloody blanket and lying in a bed at 435 E. South Temple, Apt. 28, on Nov. 8. Police said he had been killed days before. A claw hammer with blood, hair and tissue on it was found close to the bed, according to documents filed in 3rd Circuit Court.

The Robertsons had apparently been living with Thomas, 56, and disappeared immediately after his death. Salt Lake Police detectives sent out national bulletins to other police agencies that indicated the couple was wanted for questioning. Fresno, Calif., police called Salt Lake City late Wednesday after the couple was booked into jail there, said Lt. Jim Bell.

Detectives Jerry Mendez and Charles Oliver traveled to Fresno Thursday to question the couple. Court documents indicate both said they were with Thomas on Nov. 2 when he cashed his Veteran's Administration check for $594 and also indicated they got into an argument over a game of Monopoly.

Both told detectives they waited until Thomas fell asleep and said Thomas was repeatedly hit with a claw hammer as he slept, according to the court documents. The Robertsons said they then took Thomas' money from his pants after he was in no condition to resist and left.

Investigators believe the couple fled to Nebraska and Colorado before they were arrested in Fresno. They were booked into jail there on unrelated misdemeanor charges.

Bell said a warrant will be sent to California charging them with murder and a request will be made to extradite them to Utah to face the charges.