During a campaign appearance here for Michael Dukakis, actor Robert Redford assailed George Bush's environmental record.

Redford, who once portrayed a political candidate on the movie screen, came to Oregon Wednesday to praise the Democratic candidate's stand on environmental issues. Redford criticized President Reagan and Vice President George Bush for "eight years of environmental abuse."Bush is misleading the public by claiming to be an environmentalist and by running advertisements that blame Dukakis, the Massachusetts governor, for the pollution in Boston Harbor, Redford said in a speech at Lewis & Clark Law School.

"The fact is Boston Harbor has been polluted since the Boston Tea Party," said Redford, who is on a multi-state Dukakis campaign swing that took him to Washington state earlier Wednesday.

He said the Reagan administration has put together a miserable record on pollution of air, water and land.

"Some 100 million people are living in U.S. cities that are polluted beyond health standards," Redford said. "The Reagan-Bush administration has consistently and unflaggingly refused to enforce the Clean Air Act.

"This administration has twice vetoed clean water laws. That kind of blows through any campaign rhetoric.

"Toxic waste sites are scarring the land. The Reagan-Bush administration has completely mismanaged the very fund that was put together to take care of this roughly eight years ago to clean. Of all the toxic waste sites identified, close to 1,000, all they've cleaned up are 20 of these sites. You can't get a worse record than that."

Redford also claimed the Reagan-Bush administration has shown a "mean-spirited" attitude toward the environment.

He criticized Reagan administration officers such as former Interior Secretary James Watt and Ann Burford, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

"Watt likened environmentalists to communists and Nazis," Redford said. "Well maybe that was a joke but I don't think it is funny. Ann Burford mismanaged funds, mismanaged policy."

Redford said a Dukakis administration would provide markedly better leadership on environmental issues, saying the Democrat has a philosophy of balancing ecological issues and economic interests.