Two Americans accompanied by three Sherpa guides scaled Mount Everest earlier in the week taking the normal southeast ridge ascent, the Ministry of Tourism said Thursday.

The ministry said Peggy Joan Luce, 30, a bicycle messenger from Redmond, Wash., and Geoffrey Tabin, 32, a physician from Glencoe, Ill., Sunday reached the top of Everest.Luce and Redmond are part of the 13-member Northwest American Expedition led by Seattle lawyer James Frush. The expedition has put seven climbers on top of Everest, including Stacy Allison, 30, a construction worker from Portland, Ore., who became the first American women to conquer Everest last Friday.

The ministry, which regulates Himalayan assaults, said Luce and Redmond followed the normal southeast approach to the top, as did Allison.