A former law secretary in the Bess Myerson divorce-fixing case Thursday said the judge accused of lowering temporary support payments of Myerson's boyfriend normally tended to favor wives in such motions.

Howard Leventhal, who served in 1983 as law secretary to State Supreme Court Justice Hortense Gabel, now retired, told how the jurist in the divorce case of Myerson's boyfriend Carl "Andy" Capasso, handled the case.Myerson, 64, and Capasso, 42, a sewer construction executive now serving time for tax evasion in an unrelated case, are accused of bribing Gabel, 75, into lowering Capasso's alimony by having Myerson give the judge's emotionally disturbed daughter a $19,000-a-year job in the city Cultural Affairs Department.

"In your experience did Justice Gabel tend to favor one side over another?" asked Stuart Abrams, an assistant U.S. attorney prosecuting the case.

"The wives, usually," replied Leventhal.