Only hours before he was arrested Tuesday, white supremacist Wayne Jones said he was willing to fight felony tax charges behind bars if necessary.

It became necessary.Jones was arrested by Twin Falls County Sheriff's deputies at 11:15 a.m. Tuesday. A bench warrant was issued Monday by 5th District Judge Daniel Hurlbutt when Jones failed to attend an arraignment Monday morning.

He was being held at the Twin Falls County Jail Tuesday on $5,000 bond after being arraigned. Jones said he was unaware of Monday's hearing, but court rec-ords indicate he was mailed a summons Sept. 19.

Jones, 50, Twin Falls, a member of the northern Idaho-based Aryan Nations Church, is charged with three counts of failing to collect sales tax on retail purchases from his Twin Falls glass business.

Jones said he won't resist arrest and repeated his contention the courts have no jurisdiction over him or his business.

Jones said he is not required to collect sales tax because he is not licensed by the state and does not need a license.

"I am practicing a common law occupation that existed before the state of Idaho was formed," Jones said. "The state of Idaho has to make an example of this because they can't have their slaves not performing for their king."

Jones was originally charged with five felony counts of failing to collect sales tax. He also faces a Nov. 15 trial on a misdemeanor charge of operating a business without a license.

Last year, Hurlbutt jailed Jones for failing to file a state income tax return. In that case, Jones argued the state Tax Commission did not have jurisdiction over him, but he eventually filed the return from jail.

Jones said he wants a grand jury seated to ensure he receives due process and "to see who's right, me or the state."