China boasts 3,765 centenarians, most of them peasant women living in the countryside, and including 36 who are over 120 years old, the official People's Daily said Wednesday.

The country has 3,501 people between the ages of 100 and 109, another 228 aged from 110 to 119 and a total of 36 who are more than 120 years old, the state-run newspaper said.The oldest person in China has lived 130 years, the paper said.

Most of China's centenarians are peasants living in the countryside and 2,657 are women, the paper said.

Northwestern Xinjiang Province boasts the highest proportion of 100-year-olds - 66.1 for every million people - while rural Shanxi Province in north China has the least with just 0.2 per million, People's Daily said.

China has a huge aging population, with about nine percent of its 1.07 billion people over 60 years old. In 30 years, the figure will have risen to 20 percent, compared with a predicted world average of 13.7 percent.