A Murray man pleaded guilty Monday to a reduced murder charge in connection with a robbery that occurred more than 13 years ago.

Daniel Eugene Binick, 41, known by friends as "Bear," pleaded guilty to second-degree murder before Baltimore City Circuit Judge Robert Hammerman, who scheduled sentencing for Nov. 21.Prosecutor Mark Cohen said Binick, originally charged with first-degree murder, was allowed to plead to a lesser charge because the state's case was not as strong today as it was in March 1975, when bar owner Walter Seborowski, 52, was gunned down during a robbery.

"A lot of our witnesses are no longer with us. They are dead," Cohen said.

The prosecutor said Binick could face up to 30 years in prison, but the state will recommend that Binick be sentenced to 20, serve seven in prison and the remainder on probation in Utah.

Following the murder in Baltimore, Binick moved to Utah, changed his name to "Jerry LeBaeu" and lived a near-flawless life until his arrest last April. Binick - married and active in his church - had been working as a cook at the Alano Club, Murray, a center for recovering alcoholics. Binick had also helped form Narcotics Anonymous, a support group similar to Alcoholics Anonymous.