To the editor:

On March 26, Provo City was the beneficiary of the good will and good works of hundreds of Brigham Young University students.Key projects in the downtown, East Bay Business Park, Academy Square, Grandview Hill, city parks and dozens of other areas were worked on or completed by these young men and women.

It has been a boost to our community morale to see much-needed improvements, which have been delayed because of funding and manpower shortages, accomplished by enthusiastic young people from BYU in just a matter of hours.

In addition, these projects were completed at a savings of literally thousands of dollars to Provo citizens.

In an era when cities are being cut off from traditional funding sources, the concept of "Y Day" shows clearly the benefits of carefully planned voluntarism in a community.

Our special thanks to Rob Daines, ASBYU President, and members of the Student Council for their foresight and commitment to reinstituting the "Y Day" program.

Joseph A. Jenkins