Granite and Murray school districts will work together to resolve school issues that could be raised by annexation of county areas by Murray City.

Representatives of the two districts met Tuesday morning in the Murray District offices to discuss potential effects on their districts if the city annexes property south of 54th South and in the area between the North Jordan Canal and Redwood Road.A hearing will be held Tuesday night by Murray City Council on that proposal.

Granite District expressed concerns at a recent meeting of its board that it had not been included in discussions of potential effects of the annexation. The board agreed that it would seek consolidation with Murray District if the city continued to erode Granite's tax base.

"We don't really want to consolidate with Murray," Granite board member Lynn D. Davidson said Tuesday, "unless we continue to lose tax revenues."

Several hundred children live in the proposed annexation area, said Davidson.

By law, the responsibility for educating these children would shift to Murray School District. Murray has adopted a policy against new school buildings and would probably have to create another year-round school to accommodate the new students.

At the same time, Granite's Plymouth School would see the loss of several hundred students, putting it out of compliance with state requirements that school buildings be used to 70 percent capacity. Redrawing of boundaries in the area and possible closure of a school would be necessary.

The districts did not discuss the specifics of that problem Tuesday, but talked about broader concerns, Davidson said.

Granite fears the loss of tax revenue if Murray annexes property where large-scale commercial development is planned. In its earlier meeting, Granite board members decried Murray's penchant for annexing revenue-producing property while leaving residential areas. Murray officials deny annexations are planned to erode the tax bases of other taxing entities.

A prorated share of Granite's bonded indebtedness also would be shifted to Murray District if the annexation occurs. Murray officials were not clear if that indebtedness would be shared by all its taxpayers or only those within the annexation boundaries.

Granite representatives will be at Tuesday evening's meeting to discuss their concerns and ask for input into future discussions of property annexation affecting the district, Davidson said.