Boyd Burke was sorry about being arrested for drunken driving Friday night. He cried all the way home, according to a neighbor.

"I guess he was sorry that we had to see him in this condition," said Jane Morrison, one of two neighbors who went to the police station to bring Burke home.The next time they saw him was Sunday night. He'd been beaten to death in the basement of his home at 944 S. Grace Court.

Detectives are hoping to talk to a man, about 30, who had been staying with Burke, 53, for about three weeks.

About 2 a.m. Saturday, Morrison heard two car horn blasts outside Burke's home. Then someone exited the home and got in the car.

When daylight came, Morrison expected Burke to ask her to help him get his car out of the police department impound lot.

"I never went over to his place, but if I had I would have noticed his gate was open. He always keeps it shut," she said.

On Sunday, Morrison noticed her license plates had been stolen, so she went over to ask Burke if he'd seen anything. His door was unlocked so she opened it and called out his name. No one answered.

Morrison got her friend and they entered the house and checked all the rooms on the main level. There was no sign of Burke, but the home was in disarray.

"There was food scattered all over. There were broken lamps. The coffee table was broken. It was just generally all mucked up," Morrison said.

She called police to report her license plates had been stolen and that Burke was missing.

Later Sunday night, Morrison's friend came over and said she feared "something had happened to Boyd." They recalled that a light had been on in the basement, but they hadn't gone downstairs to investigate.

They went back over to his house and found his body about 10:35 p.m.

"I hope they catch (the killer)," said Morrison. "Boyd was such a good man." She described him as gentle, generous and lonesome. "When he didn't have someone staying with him, he would always come over here and watch TV with me until 9 or 9:30."

Homicide squad Sgt. Don Bell said police have questioned two of four men said to have been at the victim's home Friday night. "We're still looking for the other two guys."