To the editor:

Keith Stepan and I are running good, honest campaigns for the Salt Lake City Board of Education. So it is with sadness and disappointment that I find that others are degrading our school board race with lies.Rumors are being spread saying that my campaign expenses are being paid by East side residents, that I don't actually live on the West side. The true facts are that I have never asked for any campaign contributions and have only received $25 from a Japanese couple who live on the West side. All the rest of my campaign expenses are being paid out of my own pocket. I have lived continuously on the West side for three and a half years.

These type of lies and rumors are one of the main reasons that the public is so turned off by politics. Instead of the public being able to become informed about the important issues affecting their own lives, people are fed with distortions and confusion. Those who spread lies and rumors are only hurting one of our country's most cherished values - the freedom of open, informed elections.

Tab Lyn Uno

Salt Lake City