To the editor:

I am sharing ideas with you which I have gleaned while listening and learning in many Utah Legislative interim, State School Board, and Uintah School District meetings for the past four or five years.My goal has been "to get baby sitting out of our public schools" or the waste of tax dollars and human resources when a child is not prepared to meet challenges of life and be able to support their families when they graduate or drop out of school.

All districts and the State Office of Education are opposed to the yearly contract negotiation because of the confrontation and hostilities which are generated between the teachers' union and the districts.

Dedicated Utah teachers would welcome the opportunity to serve one boss and receive merit advances in accordance with formal uniform job descriptions and expectations instead of 40 district boards.

The State Board has the staff and expertise to put this into operation now and give all students and dedicated teachers in Utah a better chance to be successful and happier in our public schools.

The Utah State Board of Education has authority to mandate what is taught in our public schools and the qualifications of our teachers. Why not add the authority to establish a statewide salary scale and merit system to ensure all teachers in Utah equal professional status, accountability, and wages and be funded by state resources and taxes only?

Why not send unwilling and rebellious kids back to their parents to teach them discipline and responsible behavior then return them to the classroom willing and able to learn?

Make the teacher-student-parent partnership mandatory in all schools so the parent will be involved in the education of their children beginning with the first grade.

Hyrum C. Toone, chairman

Education Committee

Utah Neighborhoods