Parking fees at the Salt Lake International Airport will increase Nov. 1 to help pay for construction of a parking ramp, Airport Director Louis Miller said.

The increase is the first in eight years at the airport, but still leaves airport parking fees among the lowest in the country."Even after the rate increase we have the lowest parking fees of the 13 airports we looked at,' Miller said.

Long-term parking rates will go from $2.85 to $3 per day and $14.25 to $15 per week, Miller said.

Short-term parking rates will increase from 35 cents to 50 cents per half hour and from 85 cents to $1 per hour with a maximum daily rate of $5, up from $4.85.

Other airports have significantly higher parking rates, Miller said. Denver, for example, charges $1 for the first half hour of short-term parking and has a maximum daily rate of $24.

The airport is preparing to expand parking facilities with $30 million in bonds as part of an ongoing improvement program, Miller said.