The wives of three Americans and an Indian held hostage waited impatiently Monday after their abductors promised to free one of them.

But more than 24 hours after the kidnappers' announcement, the Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine gave no further details of an impending release."We are desperately waiting for any news concerning our husbands. Since the kidnappers made their initiative, we've been praying for this dream to come true," said Seryal Polhill, wife of American hostage Robert Polhill.

Polhill, along with Americans Alann Steen, Jesse Turner and Indian Mithileshwar Singh were snatched by four gunmen disguised as police from the campus of Beirut University College on Jan. 24, 1987.

Seryal Polhill lives in Beirut, as do the wives of Singh and Turner. She said Steen's wife would return to Lebanon next week from the United States.

The IJLP said in a statement Saturday it would free one of the four lecturers as a goodwill gesture.

At the United Nations Monday morning, Syrian Foreign Minister Farouq al-Shara told reporters that an American hostage would be released "within the hour."

Asked to identify the hostage, al-Shara said: "I do not have his name."

According to two U.S. television networks, NBC and CBS, the hostage is Steen. A Moslem security source told Reuters that Steen might be the freed captive.