The success of our own Utah Jazz NBA franchise has everyone feeling a little extra measure of pride and a sense of excitement going into the 1988-89 season.

Now you can visibly display your team pride and support with your own Utah Jazz MasterCard. It features the Utah Jazz colors and the logos and carries with it not only the prestige of being a team cardholder, but your own credit line, travel discounts, special team merchandise discounts, even insurance benefits.The Utah Jazz MasterCard is being offered by Continental Bank. The Jazz, Continental Bank and the NBA have joined together to offer the MasterCard to fans who want to carry the Jazz in their pocket. The Utah Jazz MasterCard will work anywhere a regular MasterCard will.

The card is being offered to all interested Jazz fans at $25 per year. The credit card lines will be $500 to $25,000 with credit approval required. Benefits include:

- Low annual fee.

- Personal credit lines designed to meet your credit needs for business, travel, vacation, entertainment, or just unexpected emergencies.

- Travel rebates and merchandise discounts, with refunds of five percent on transportation and lodging arranged simply by arranging your reservations through the free 24-hour Travel Center and charging it to your Utah Jazz card.

- Advance hotel reservations, express checkout and car rental discounts are also available to you when using your card. In addition, special discounts, of up to 20 percent, apply to specific NBA merchandise purchased with the Utah Jazz card.

- When you use your card to purchase tickets on commercial common carriers, you will be protected by $150,000 no-cost travel accident insurance.

- Supplemental auto rental collision waiver. That is, $3,000 in collision insurance for rental automobiles is available when you use your card to charge your auto rental.

- Emergency cash, airline tickets and card replacement are yours. If your card is lost or stolen, call a toll-free number and arrangements for emergency cash (up to $1,000), replacements of airline tickets, or card replacements can be made.

- Charge-plus payment protection is there, purchase protection that will pay your charges when you are unable to pay due to unemployment, disability, or death.