Salt Lake Mayor Palmer DePaulis, saying he's now recovered from a political sparring match with the City Council, will soon recommend three new appointees to the tri-government Salt Palace Advisory Board.

Acknowledging he was upset with the council rejecting appointments he made to the board in August, DePaulis told reporters Thursday, "I'm over that now, and we've got to do the public's business." The city must appoint three people to the board under an agreement with Salt Lake County and the state calling for three representatives from each entity to sit on the board to oversee the Salt Palace and other facilities.Each entity also agreed to contribute up to $325,000 toward operation of the complex. The county will administer the facility.

DePaulis and members of the council's conservative voting bloc, known as the "Gang of Four," were at odds over three appointments the mayor made to the board that a council majority said did not reflect a geographic balance.

The council rejected DePaulis' appointees on a 4-3 vote. All three appointees were from Councilwoman Sydney Fonnesbeck's District 3.

DePaulis said council members have agreed to support arts advocate Marcia Poulson Price, one of his original appointees. The mayor also hopes to reach a compromise with the council by appointing another original candidate, attorney Anthony L. Rampton, and another appointee acceptable to the council.

The county approved its board members in June and the state approved its three appointees in a special session last month, leaving the board without city representation. But DePaulis is unconcerned over the city's position.

"I don't feel we've lost any ground because this is the first month they (the board) could have taken any action,' he said.