The wife of tax-limitation leader Greg Beesley has been given the "Utah Full-time Homemaker Award" by the Eagle Forum, a group headed by conservative Phyllis Schlafly, officials said Thursday.

Marvajean Beesley, of Salt Lake City, was named one of 51 winners nationwide.The Eagle Forum praises the mother of seven for combining homemaking with community and church activities. It also credits her and her husband for gathering 100,000 signatures on what the Schlafly group calls "three initiatives for good government, including one for tax credits for the school of your choice."

Schlafly said, "Mrs. Marvajean Beesley has given her family something very special: a resident mother . . . to provide constancy, stability and emotional security."

The homemaker awards are not meant to disparage working women, Schlafly said, but rather "honor those who have chosen the traditional role of women despite the social pressures of the media and the feminist movement."

The awards were presented last week in St. Louis, at a conference that featured Iran-Contra affair figure Oliver North. The fired National Security Council aide spoke on "Commitment, Trust and the Family."