Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, in the wake of a rampage at his New Jersey mansion, was to undergo another psychiatric examination under the auspices of estranged manager Bill Cayton, a published report says.

"Mike is back on track," Cayton said in a copyright story in today's editions of New York Newsday. ". . . sometime before noon he's going to visit a world-renowned psychiatrist to get a second opinion on this manic-depressive stuff."Cayton, who has had rocky relationship with Tyson since the champion's marriage to actress Robin Givens eight months ago, said the troubled fighter came to his office around noon Monday along with welterweight Mark Breland before heading to Breland's Long Island training camp about 40 minutes later.

"When he got here he came bounding up the stairs and gave me a really big hug. He was very warm. Very friendly. His arms were strong and affectionate around me. It was like old times. Mike is going to be OK," Cayton said.

Tyson, 22, reportedly hurled a sugar bowl and chairs through windows of his Bernardsville, N.J., estate Sunday during a fit of anger sparked by interviews given to Barbara Walters by Givens and her mother, Ruth Roper, on ABC's "20-20."

Police said they handled the incident involving Tyson and Givens like any other such case.