"Why are "The Ryatts" being published way back in the classified advertising section, instead of the regular comics pages?"

This question appeared frequently in the comments section of the recent Deseret News comics survey, especially among the readers over age 50.The answer is simply that our advertisers want a comic strip back there to not only break up the type, but so that there is something humorous to read there, too.

The Salt Lake Tribune also publishes one of its veteran comics, "Hazel" back in its classified ads section.

"The Ryatts" can be found without too much effort almost every day near the front of the classified ads section. It may be a slight inconvenience for some readers, but the comic is there.

We could put a different comic strip back there, but since each comic has its own set of fans, we'll likely keep "The Ryatts" back where it is for now.