A West Valley woman has been ordered to serve one year in the Salt Lake County Jail for being drunk the morning her vehicle struck and killed a Murray woman.

Doreen Napoli, 19, began her sentence Monday evening, immediately after being sentenced by 3rd District Judge Raymond Uno. She must also pay a fine of $1,250 plus a 15 percent surcharge.In August, Napoli pleaded guilty to third-degree felony vehicle homicide in the Jan. 3 death of Kimberly Myers, who died in a two-car collision in the intersection of 32nd West and 31st South.

During Monday's hearing, defense attorney Debra Loy attempted to convince Uno that jail time and a fine were inappropriate for Napoli. "My client has not touched a drop of alcohol or driven a car since this accident . . . it's had a very great impact on her," said Loy.

The attorney said Napoli is a young woman who has been very dependent on other people, who suffers a learning disability and who hasn't had many opportunities to be educated or gain work skills.

"She is fragile and vulnerable . . . and has a desire to make up for this crime. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body."

Incarceration, however, was the recommendation of a pre-sentence report prepared by an investigator for Adult Probation and Parole. That report contained several crucial factual errors and misquotes, Loy said.

"This is one of the worst (pre-sentence) reports I have seen," Loy told Uno.

The judge elected to follow the report's recommendation. After serving time, Napoli must enroll in a halfway house program, undergo alcohol counseling, pay the fine, refrain from drinking and perform 200 hours of community service.

Prosecutor Greg Skordas told the judge that Napoli, since she was charged, has not demonstrated any sincere desire to change. "She hasn't done any counseling . . . she hasn't done any schooling and she hasn't worked, except for one month at K mart."