Patience and perseverance in working with handicapped or economically disadvantaged youths have netted LaMar W. Wanberg, head custodian at Bingham High School, honors from Salt Lake County.

A West Jordan resident, Wanberg was honored Oct. 4 by the Summer Youth Employment Program, a federally funded project operated by Salt Lake County through the Job Training Partnership Act.Wanberg was nominated for the honor by Leland Peterson, Summer Youth Employment Program specialist, for his "ability to work with all kinds of youth, being able to find good in all workers and developing the work ethic and self-worth in all."

Fourteen other supervisors and 17 youths were honored at the Tuesday awards banquet, in the atrium of the Salt Lake County Government Center.

A total of 900 people participated in the summer youth employment program, said Sherri Spencer, program coordinator. At its convention this past summer in San Diego, the National Association of Counties honored Salt Lake County for the excellent way its program provides job experience or help to youths in finding employment.

Wanberg has worked at Bingham for 11/2 of his 81/2 years in the Jordan School District. This past summer he worked with two students in the program, which pays them a minimum wage and provides training.

During the school year Wanberg has four regular sweepers who work after school; two handicapped youths help the custodian during the day. That is part of their school training, and they are not paid for their work.

"It's fun to watch them achieve something, even if it's working all day in a 10-foot flower bed. They feel good inside," Wanberg said about the summer program.

The program has many benefits, but "what it means the most is opportunity, growth and money to students who in many cases may not ever have the chance to work without this program," Wanberg said.

Wanberg and other program supervisors were presented a certificate and the 17 youths received plaques at the banquet.

A number of companies donated money, food or other items for the dinner, Spencer said.