When Vince Van Leuven locked himself out of his apartment after a rifle-sighting excursion, he got a surprise visit from the Clearfield police.

Van Leuven, 23, returned home from sighting his deer rifle Wednesday, only to find he had forgotten the keys to his apartment at Goldstone Apartments. So he decided to try to stop the friend who had just dropped him off."I walked back and the tenants gave me strange looks. Five or 10 minutes later, a whole bunch of cops came," Van Leuven said.

Apparently, the sight of a man running with a rifle unnerved his neighbors.

"There were two in front of me and one off to the side," two with drawn handguns, Van Leuven said.

He followed the officers' instructions to the letter.

"They said, `You with the gun, police. Put the gun down and your hands up.' "

"They were just trying to be safe, which I understand completely," he said. "I guess they have a right to be paranoid. Stuff down there has been out of hand. We joked about it."

Van Leuven said the officers were extra cautious because a neighbor had told them that Van Leuven had long talked about shooting other people.

"Somebody got their wires crossed on that. See, we were talking about the hunt, the deer hunt," he said.