Concrete barriers and locked gates have just been completed at both ends of the still unopened Trappers Loop Highway to keep traffic off the road as construction continues.

Utah Department of Transportation officials feared the upcoming hunting season would attract even more motorists to the 9.5 mile road, which is not scheduled to be completed until September 1989.Now that an 18-inch layer of gravel is about to be laid, traffic in wet weather could dig the gravel into the base and damage it to the point that it would have to be re-graded, UDOT District 1 Director Clint Popham said.

Some areas of the road have already had to be re-graded several times after storms because of ruts carved in the road surface by motor vehicles, according to Kent Nichols, UDOT project engineer.

Nichols said safety is also a concern, since large dump trucks carrying dirt and rock will be traveling rapidly over the newly graded road in coming weeks as the gravel is laid.

The old Trapper's Loop Road will remain open to traffic until snows close it for the winter.