This city's urban fishing potential got a boost this week when more than 35,000 rainbow trout were planted in the Provo River, state wildlife officials say.

The trout, all products of the Kamas Hatchery, were dumped into the river at various sites, said spokesman Charlie Thompson of the Department of Wildlife Resources."We think there are real possibilities with urban fishing in Provo," he said. "There were extra rainbow in the hatchery, and we believe they will be put to good use on this section of the Provo River."

Improved emphasis by the city of Provo on using the river as a recreational resource was a key element in the division's decision to allocate the fish to that section of the river, said Thompson.

The rainbow trout grown in the hatchery habitat will likely find the first good hole in the stream and stay there, he said.

Rainbow trout are more capable of existing in stream channels, holes behind rocks and pools than German brown trout, which prefer the protection of undercut banks and safety of submerged logs and rocks along shorelines.