Christian churches should all be united to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, according to Michael Kinnamon, dean and associate professor of theology and ecumenical studies at Lexington Theological Seminary at Lexington, Ky.

"Unity is our polar star," he said, speaking to participants during the Shared Ministry of Utah's three-day fall meeting at the First Presbyterian Church last weekend.Kinnamon applauded the Shared Ministry movement in Utah, saying uniting Christian churches would "bear greater fruit" for future generations.

The assistant professor considers himself a humanist and believer in pulling the churches together, even though he admitted ecumenical thought is a radical idea because it means change.

He said most people aren't receptive to change, including liberals who "get nervous" when black homeowners move into the neighborhood.

Kinnamon said Christians should embrace other members who are different, and unify the church to make it stronger.

"Humans long for acceptance," he explained.

He said most people seek out friendships with others who look the same and have the same political and social beliefs. He said Americans pride themselves on living in the melting pot of the world, but many choose to live in segregated neighborhoods.

He said people believe "salvation is equated with self-fulfillment," but that walking in the footsteps of Jesus with those who are different would bring peace and harmony within oneself.

He also said the false Gods of modern times are money, political influence and power, because they corrupt and oppress other people.

"God is the sovereign ruler of the whole cosmos," he added.