Shequila Bradley, one of two children slain by a gunman in a rampage at an elementary school, was remembered Friday for "her special smile" at funeral services attended by about 300 friends and relatives.

Shequila, 8, died Monday in the principal's office of Oakland Elementary School, minutes after James W. Wilson, 19, allegedly shot her in the head. Her classmate, Tequila Thomas, 8, died Thursday without regaining consciousness."We talked about her and the children talked about the good things they remembered about her," teacher Eveline Higginbotham told mourners at the child's funeral.

More than 300 family members and friends, including some of Shequila's classmates, crowded into the tiny New Jerusalem Deliverance Church for the services, many of them weeping.

The school's principal, Eleanor Rice, told the mourners she had a special relationship with the child.

"If there could be a perfect child, she would fit that category. Shequila will always have a place in my heart. The only comfort I have is knowing that she is with God. "He only takes the best. Oakland will never be the same, but we will always remember her with that special smile."