Jimmy Swaggart attended the farewell service of his co-pastor for a Louisiana congregation, and the departing preacher urged the church to support Swaggart's crumbling ministry.

The Rev. Jim Rentz bid a gentle goodbye Sunday at Swaggart's Family Worship Center but made no mention of a sex scandal involving Swaggart."I'm not leading a parade out of this church," Rentz told about 1,200 worshipers. "We're not leaving here with bad feelings. We're leaving here with love."

Rentz resigned earlier this month after Swaggart was found associating with a prostitute in California. It was the second scandal involving Swaggart and prostitutes.

The episode has shaken the ministry to the point of collapse. Crusades and television programs have been canceled, workers laid off and Swaggart has said he will take a leave from the pulpit.

Swaggart and his wife, Frances, were at the church for Rentz's farewell sermon.