Longtime Salt Lake County Treasurer Arthur L. Monson has announced he will run for state treasurer on the Democratic ticket.

He will challenge incumbent Republican Ed Alter for the post. Alter also recently announced his bid for re-election.In a speech delivered to the state Democratic Central Committee, Monson called for a complete change in the administration of state government. "The people are calling for a change, but changing governors without changing the supporting officials will not solve the serious problems facing Utah," he said.

Monson, who has served 14 years as Salt Lake County treasurer, said he will work to foster better cooperation between state and local governments.

"As a local elected official, I have experienced the `them vs. us' attitude state officials have toward us," he said. "The state treasurer is no exception. If Utah is to prosper statewide, local elected officials must be accepted as full partners, not subordinates or adversaries."

Monson said during his tenure as a county treasurer he's pioneered many financial concepts that are now industry standards such as Salt Lake County being the first in the nation to borrow money at variable interest rates. He said that during his time in office he's earned more than $85 million in investment interest for Salt Lake County taxpayers.

"People work too hard to earn enough to pay their taxes. I believe procedures I've put in place in Salt Lake County to make those tax dollars work harder once collected can achieve similar results in state government."

Monson said he's also proud of his record as an advocate of tax relief for the elderly and indigent.