Junior high students in the Alpine School District may be paying more fees next year.

In addition to paying existing fees like musical instrument rentals, activity fees, gym towel and lock charges and locker fees, students would pay a refundable $15 deposit for textbooks and a $2 charge for art, computer, homemaking, shop and science labs.School board members discussed the changes Tuesday and will vote on the proposed hikes May 10.

Superintendent Clark Cox said the increases are conservative because officials believe parents may have low tolerance for the fees.

"Most of those fees have been kept to an absolute minimum to make those programs work," he said. "Our purpose is not to get money from the youngsters, it's to get the return of the books, which cost us $17 when we don't get them."

The $15 textbook deposit would be returned at the end of the year if students return their books in good condition. Cox said Alpine's fees are about the same as those in other districts, but book fees in some districts are non-refundable.

The book deposit for senior high school students would be increased from $10 to $15 next year under the proposal. All other fees would remain the same.

If your high school student wants to participate in extracurricular activities, prepare to pay fees that, although unchanged, are hefty. For instance, debate will cost you $200 for the year. Cheerleading and drill team are $300, and drama is $60.

Parents can apply for waivers for required fees such as book deposits and locker rentals.