A preliminary hearing for a Box Elder County constable charged with the attempted murder of her husband has been continued to March 22, after a full day of testimony Friday.

Constable Peggy Johnson, 37, is charged with three counts of attempted homicide. According to the charges, she tried several times to poison her husband, Danny Johnson.Johnson was arrested Jan. 30 after she allegedly bought crank (methamphetamine) from a police informant.

That informant, Cindy Orozco, testified that Johnson purchased heroin from her in January and said she was going to use it to kill her husband. Orozco said, "It scared me to talk about taking someone's life. I've done a lot of things in my life, but not that."

Orozco said she first met Johnson several years ago when Johnson helped her get out of jail. Johnson is a bail bondsman.

Orozco has served several prison terms and is currently on parole. She has done some undercover narcotics work in the past for the Ogden Police Department.

Orozco also testified that Johnson wanted to kill her husband because "he was beating her and the kids."

During testimony, a family member denied that he beat them. Danny Johnson, when asked if he had hit his wife, said, "I'd deny it till my dying day."

An undercover agent from the State Bureau of Organized Crime and Criminal Identification will testify when the hearing resumes Tuesday, along with Box Elder County Sheriff's detectives.