Salt Lake street crews worked briefly Wednesday afternoon to improve a west-side street that in six weeks will be torn up and replaced by an athletic field.

"Somehow, somebody goofed up," said Salt Lake City Councilwoman Sydney Fonnesbeck, who brought the matter to the attention of city public works officials.But Public Works Director Joseph Anderson called the snafu an honest and cheap mistake and pulled street crews off the job when the foul-up was realized.

Anderson said the five-member street crew that worked on the street for two hours didn't realize the street had been leased in 1987 to the Salt Lake City School District which plans to tear up the street in six weeks.

Public Works originally had been told by the city's planning and zoning office the street wouldn't be removed for two years. So the crews did a routine patch job on a one block section of street near Salt Lake Community High, 233 W. Second North.

Bur Carl Child, head of the school district's building and grounds department, said plans call for closing the street and building a running track next to the school in its place.

"I'm not saying it wasn't a mistake because it was...we though we had all the loopholes filled, but on this one we didn't," Anderson said.