A Navy pilot and a student were killed when their two-seat plane crashed in Alabama, and four Navy crewmen were presumed dead after their helicopter went down off the Bermuda coast.

Navy Cmdr. Duane S. Cutter and his student, Marine 2nd Lt. Thomas J. Gaffney were on a routine training mission when the crash occurred Friday in coastal Baldwin County, said Lt. Cmdr. Diane Hooker, a Navy spokeswoman at Whiting Field.Hooker couldn't immediately say what techniques the two were practicing when the T-34 Turbomentor prop plane went down.

On Wednesday, four members of a helicopter crew operating from the Norfolk, Va.-based USS America were presumed lost after the aircraft crashed during a training mission near Bermuda, the Navy said Friday.

The SH-3H Sea King helicopter was assigned to the Anti-Submarine Squadron 11 at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station.

The crewmen were identified as: Lt. Richard D. Calderon, 26, of Jacksonville, Fla.; Lt. Cmdr. Karl J. Wiegand, 35, of Orange Park, Fla.; aviation anti-submarine warfare operator Karl J. Wicklund, 23, of Clear Lake, Minn.; and aviation anti-submarine warfare operator Vincent W. Bostwick, 20, of Orange Park, Fla.

Cutter, 44, was from Newfield, N.Y., and Gaffney, 24, was from West Chester, Penn.