The Country Music Association awards broadcast along with "60 Minutes" and the comedies "Murphy Brown," "Designing Women" and "Major Dad" made CBS the top-rated television network last week.

CBS held five slots in the top 10 program list and was the leading network with a 13.4 average rating, the A.C. Nielsen Co. said.ABC and NBC tied for second place, each with an 11.7 average rating. Fox Broadcasting Co., which has fewer affiliate stations than the other networks, had a rating of 8.1. Each ratings point represents 921,000 homes.

The perennial favorite "60 Minutes" was CBS' highest-rated show at No. 2, and "The 25th Annual Country Music Association Awards" broadcast from Nashville took third place.

"Murphy Brown" and "Designing Women" were fifth and sixth, respectively, and "Major Dad" claimed eighth place. The three situation comedies have become a Monday night powerhouse for the network.

ABC's "Roseanne" was the No. 1 show, but the network was next represented down at No. 7 with the comedy "Coach," followed by "Full House" in a tie for 10th place with NBC's "A Different World."

The barroom comedy "Cheers" was fourth and the 29th anniversary special edition of "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" was No. 9 for NBC.

The Gulf War made a rocky transition to prime-time drama. ABC's Sunday night movie, the docudrama "The Heroes of Desert Storm," was No. 56. It lost the time slot to the Fox's comedy "Married . . . With Children," the CBS movie "Fire in the Dark" and the NBC movie "Babe Ruth."

ABC's Monday night football came in 13th with the Redskins' 23-0 drubbing of the Eagles.

ABC continued to have the most-watched network news program, with a 9.5 rating. CBS was second at 8.1 and NBC's had an 8.0 rating.

Here are last week's top 20 shows, their network and rating:

1. "Roseanne," ABC, 21.3; 2. "60 Minutes," CBS, 20.6; 3. "Country Music Awards," CBS, 20.5; 4. "Cheers," NBC, 20.2; 5. "Murphy Brown," CBS, 19.9; 6. "Designing Women," CBS, 19.2; 7. "Coach," ABC, 18.2; 8. "Major Dad," CBS, 18.1; 9. "Tonight Show 29th Anniversary," NBC, 17.7; 10. (tie) "Full House," ABC, 17.4, and "A Different World," NBC, 17.4; 12. "Murder, She Wrote," CBS, 17.3; 13. "NFL Football: Eagles vs. Redskins," ABC, 17.1; 14. "Home Improvement," ABC, 17.0; 15. "Northern Exposure," CBS, 16.8; 16. "The Cosby Show," NBC, 16.6; 17. "Evening Shade," CBS, 15.9; 18. "Unsolved Mysteries," NBC, 15.5; 19. "Empty Nest," NBC, 15.4; 20. "America's Funniest Home Videos," ABC, 15.3.